Friday, August 8, 2008

eFavorMart Round Wedding Paper Lantern

Whether you need a Round Paper Lantern or a Wedding Lantern of different shapes and sizes, we at have it for you! Take this pretty wedding lantern known as a garland piece, a new arrival, renders a touch of class to your celebration any time of the year. You will also get from our online superstore a round paper lantern for a tea party or lavish wedding lanterns!

We also have round paper lantern, a novel, colorful and a cute piece that stands out when lighted. It’s one of the specialty items that come to you in many options, including the Japanese variety of paper lanterns. Should you need an aesthetic Chinese paper lantern, you can order it from us.

We have great designs and great choices which mean more convenience!

It is the wedding time. Make it as memorable a moment as possible for yourself and the special bride or groom. We are a wedding accessories’ supermarket of a long standing since 1994. We don’t want to boast much though it is fair enough. Listen to those who enjoyed our service before. Simply access our website and look for our credentials thro’ their words!

Besides the designer-created items that are as stunning as you’ll find anywhere else in a super market they come with a single difference though. You don’t need to shell down a fortune for every novel piece you see here. Our prices are very practical. We have with us everything you expect from us for these occasions. Call us now and check for yourself, the varieties and choices.

Thursday, July 3, 2008 Disposable Wedding Cameras

Let’s help you capture your special moments in pictures! At efavormart, we have added a new section: Camera Favors. This is all about providing the facility of a wedding camera for all your engagements be it a simple reception or a grand wedding party. Now you can store your special memories the way you feel better!

What a great way to capture your most memorable moments of your wedding reception with the help of your guests. Please note that our wedding cameras at My Wedding Favors are all brand new. They are not recycled. Please use our disposable cameras provided to you here.

Disposable cameras are limited in stock while wholesale disposable cameras can be shipped faster! They are great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Use the camera on the table to take candid pictures of all your friends and family...the fun, the special moments, and, of course, those not-to-be-forgotten shots. Pass the camera around, let everyone enjoy the fun. When all the pictures are taken, just leave the camera on the table.

They are all disposable wedding cameras with attractive designs, sizes and shapes. Our cameras are loaded in the USA with fine quality Agfa 400 speed 35mm 27 exposure color film. Or, Fuji disposable, or the Pentax, Canon variety, Or, the Roses of Love design, 35mm, 27 expo, Do you wish to indulge in shooting pictures and store them in your albums as long-term wedding memories?

Friday, June 6, 2008

eFavorMart Table Cover

You can as well buy and keep a table cover for yourself for the low price we are selling currently. Once buy for a small price these covers are yours' to keep!! Welcome to superstore which is set to make an explosive entry into the e-commerce business soon.

Some responses exclaiming the cheapness of table covers explains it all. The fact that we are in this business for over a decade suffices to say that we are firm and permanent in this business and, as a matter of fact, getting expanded at a rapid pace.

We're one of the largest importers, distributors, and wholesalers of wedding products on the west coast!

Table covers are an essential part of the accessory to make the whole setting look good and bear respectability at trade shows, meetings and other public appearances like weddings and receptions. We have grown from a small business house in 1994, up to be a large powerhouse today!

We cut, print and sew covers here of all varieties, sizes and shapes. We assure you the best quality table covers, made to your specifications and delivered to you in time for your events. Whether your choice is for the solid cover or one with a screen print or the dye-lux variety we have all the varieties you want in table covers. Call us now.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Personalized Wedding Ribbons

Why not get your special events handled with our personalized touch? We are aware it is your special day! No matter what kind of affair you're planning, we simply can’t go wrong even if your order consists of more than 10 colors. The combinations available are endless, and you can make them uniquely yours!

You can feel our down-to-earth practical prices, and our processing time is as prompt as the clock on the wall, prompt! Decorating your event with ribbons is a great idea in itself. So, choose the bright and vibrant colors for any occasion, and liven it up by sending the message of happiness in your heart to percolate on to your guests!

If you are looking for an ideal party ribbon for adding a personal message or your own business name, you can do that!

Let your guests feel the pinch of our personalization and you will, of course, not feel that pinch in your purse! Our ribbons will just do what you need them to. Commemorate the day with printed dates, names, event or, for that matter, anything else. At the end, your guests will not have a reason to misunderstand about who's event you have been at!

At we offer more choices and color-combinations that you simply can’t imagine Customize your gift packages with our personalized ribbons! Browse our shop to see all of the things we offer to make your special event favor even more special!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

eFavorMart Wedding Tulle is an established name in the wedding favor business. We have made an explosive entry into the e-commerce segment in 1994, over a decade of penetration into the wedding market. You can call for any kind of wedding-related favors and supplies from us. Find the Rolls or Circles or other Tulle varieties in cent per cent Nylon or Shimmering Organza, or the Satin variety, wedding Tulles are available with us including that at the wholesale prices.

If you are in need of our wedding tulles --for either rentals or large quantity purchases-- remember to call for the best quality wedding tulle from us anytime. They are much cheaper if you buy them at wholesale prices. And lo! Certain things including wedding tulles are offered for limited time bargains at absolutely tempting prices, check on our website from time to time! You stand to gain substantially.

Without your loyal support, we wouldn't be the giants that we are in the wedding favors business today!

As a mark of admiration and gratitude for your loyalty, what better way to pay it back than offer you the products you love. Even the tulles of any variety, shape or size. We offer you all these at absolutely tempting prices! Check the responses from customers’ feedback section and see if you can resist!

We have the widest range of colors and selection combinations. It's impossible to miss something that will make your special day. We offer a wide selection of bridal accessories --which include tulles-- that will only captivate your heart further. Call for any thing you require, and we are glad to supply it. Email your address.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

eFavorMart Banquet Chair Covers

Do you need an exclusive banquet chair cover for the special day to treat your favored bride or groom? Take your pick among satin, black, organza, and more attractive colors Go ahead with your planning and organizing, leaving the worries about space & other things to us. We are one of the leading online supermarkets in the wedding favor business since 1994, a strong 10-year record behind us!

You can also treat any number of your valued guests along with that special person in one go or even separately. As a matter of fact, you can ask for products from a variety of wedding-related accessories to literally include everything and anything. After all, we are known for being a leading wedding giant around in this business for a long time!

Pamper yourself and that special bride or groom. The occasion won’t present itself every often! Rent them if you like with a limited time offer!

Without saying so, you can differentiate between classes and masses, particularly if you expect a large gathering. Simply display your creative streak by using our banquet covers in different shades! Bask in the healthy appreciation that is given to you in abundance. We can help you in organizing banquets and receptions from a tiny gathering to a large crowd of honored guests!

We are not only a wholesaler but also an importer and distributor of wedding products in the west coast. We have cut on all middlemen to make wedding favor products directly available to you at cheaper prices! Call us now for your bridal shower or the groom’s day or any kind of special event of your choice irrespective of the number of guests!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

eFavorMart Chair Cover Sashes

Are you looking for exclusive chair covers -–to rent or buy-- for the special day you have planned to treat your favored bride or groom? We have a range of elite covers suitable for any and all kinds of special events of your choice. As far as colors are concerned your have options in organza sashes, satin sashes, black and several more attractive ones.

We believe that the chair cover sashes we offer you can create an elegant atmosphere you will remember for years to come. Enjoy the luxury of offering specialty linen (without big overheads) as an option when planning a special event that needs chair cover sashes. Come to us for the low-cost sashes you have planned for some wedding occasion.

We are a leading online supermarket in the wedding favor business since 1994. We have diversified into e-commerce business!

We brought along quality and excellence in customer service that you've been used for years! We are not only a wholesaler but also an importer and distributor of wedding products in the west coast. We have cut on all middlemen to make wedding favor products directly available to you at cheaper prices! Call us now for your bridal shower or the groom’s day. is a very trusted business house ever since its inception. Don’t take our claims for granted, though. Check out with our customer credentials enlisted on the side in this website over the years. Call us now for more details!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

eFavorMart Personalized Favor Bags

From that cute wedding gown to those lovely fresh flowers used at the reception, today there are many ways one can express his/ her personality and, even the wedding invitation makes for one. Wedding favor bags have become a popular choice over the years. At you are pampered for a choice because they simply galore!

If you are looking for our personalized touch among the many favor bags come to us. Witness the range of wedding favor bags in a number of attractive colors, shades and sizes for you to choose from. We supply favor bags that come with a personalized touch which will make you remember the special event for years to come.

Be it Organza, Satin, Velvet, choose among the lovely shades& sizes we have it with us! Hurry up, certain goods are on limited stock!

Whatever is your occasion, remember we are an exclusive wedding favors and party supplies superstore not to forget bridal shower favors. We have certain mind-boggling choices in the personalized wedding decorations’ section that will create lasting memories for those who buy them.

We're one of the largest importer, distributor, and wholesaler of wedding products on the west coast. As we've cut out all the middlemen to bring our products straight into your home directly products are offered at practically down to earth prices. You are assured of our personalized touch that is unique what with our exclusive gift ideas and wedding decorations for planning your perfect reception or event.