Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beach Wedding Scrapbook With eFavorMart.com

While surfing across the net to find new inspirations, I landed on a website that lets you take product pictures you like (bracelets, shoes, earrings, dresses, flowers, etc) from any website and then assemble these pictures into a scrapbook which you can show off and be acknowledged by the rest of the world. This definitely brings back memories when I would cut things out of magazines and reassemble them on top of my notebooks and then proudly show it off to my friends. It’s really a great feeling to take beautiful things and then personalize it with our hearts and call it our own. Since we deal with wedding/party supplies here at eFavorMart.com we thought we’d have some fun scrapbooking our product pictures as well with a theme in mind.

So the challenged is to create a scrapbook with eFavorMart.com product pictures using a nice beach photo w/ an umbrella as my canvass. Please don’t laugh at my final product as I did put some imagination and heart to it (ok, fine. Laugh. hahahahahahahah).


Stuff I've Added

It is amateurish but I did make sure to get stuff that I would definitely have at a beach wedding. My theme would be white to match the setting. I would use (1) spandex chair covers since they’re easy to work with and eay to clean off the sand. My only other color aside from white would be the red (2) rose petals to highlight love and passion. And no wedding will be complete without lots and lots of flowers, in the picture I selected white (3) blooming rose buds. Course, having a pre-arranged (4) candle ring does add some elegance and finesse. Most of all, since we’re at the beach and the sand, the water and the sun is so beautiful so I would definitely have silver hearts (5) wedding cameras to capture the perfect moment. Lastly, since no wedding is complete without bride and groom, I simply used (6) formal favor boxes to stand-in for the bride and groom.

I hope my amateurish creation is as fun for you as it has been for me.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sweet Site To Find Ideas for Weddings in the UK

If you're brainstorming for unique themes and ideas in the United Kingdom then this is the site for you:

You Can Find them At:
iMarry Wedding Tips and Directory - Wedding Guides and Tips for your perfect wedding

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

COMING VERY SOON only to eFavormart.com – Leaf-Motif Organza With Satin Design

ONE-OF-A-KIND Organza With Satin Fabric topped with a Winding Leaf-Motif design for your Chair Sashes, Table Runners and Tabletop Overlays that will definitely impress your guests and VIPs. No other retailers carry this product and you’ll only be able to get it at http://www.efavormart.com/. Get ready to be the first to buy and first to use this premium-end/premium-quality product which will be available to you at non-premium and very affordable prices.

Forget about simply getting by with the plain coverings you're used to, spend just a tad more and enjoy these lovely decorated organza with satin fabrics for a more finesse feel for your event. Whether it’s for a wedding, an anniversary, a grand birthday celebration, a sweet 16, a homecoming, a bachelorette party or any happy events that come to mind, these fashionable fabric will do the job and get you that ‘two thumbs up’ you deserve for planning and executing a beautiful event. Don't forget, with over 23 different colors for you to choose from, and multiple sizes at your disposal (sash, 60"/72"/85" table overlays, table runner), these lovely darlings will definitely give you a lot of themes to work with.

Note: This product will be available for your online orders in a few weeks at http://www.efavormart.com/

Friday, August 12, 2011

White Wedding Options for that Extra $20-30 in your Budget

Have you always wanted to look like a beautiful angel on your wedding day for this coming 2012 Summer? Angels wear white and are carefree, most of all, are they're happy. But is your white wedding budget putting a clip on your happy flying? Most definitely, an extra $1000 (or at the very least $100) to spend on additional decorations to make the day Perfect would be nice. Sadly, the wallet normally just pops out an extra $20 or $30 tops when you squeeze hard enough. Sounds depressing and not so white anymore?

Normally, $20-30 won’t get you far, maybe you can buy one small bouquet. But how about the 10-15 tables that seem sort of plain, or the 100-150 guest that look bored? At efavormart.com, we’ll be surprised at what we can do with your extra $20-$30 for a better white wedding for you and your guests.

p.s. the $6.95 shipping cost has been considered when computing the various d├ęcor options showcased below.

GOT $30 TO SPARE, check out these options that brings more to the table.

84 Silk Rose Buds - White COST $16.99

(you can’t go wrong with roses; and 84 of them at that. note: flowers come in multiple small bunches and can be combine to create a larger bunch)

60 Eastern Lily - White COST $19.99

(don’t eastern lilies just want to make you smile and feel pleasant? note: flowers come in multiple small bunches and can be combine to create a larger bunch)

40 x 100ft PVC Aisle Runner - White COST $16.99

(for a white wedding, don’t you need to walk down a white aisle? try this quick solution. don’t forget to secure to the ground)

Large Jelly Filler Balls - White COST $2.99

(buy about 7 packs of these and distribute into the centerpiece jar, vases or bowls and top with a silk flower as seen in the picture)

SURPRISE YOURSELF WITH $20, you may need to break some sweat and be creative, with the sheer volume of these options, you can DIY perfection.

6mm Pearls in 12 yrds - White COST $7.99

(arts and craft time, get a glue gun and some hooks and create some necklaces or bracelets for your bridesmaid. don’t be limited, get creative. Lots of pearls to work with)

500 Rose Petal - White COST $4.99

(get a couple of bags of these and scatter over tables or on the ground. sounds fun, but remember to budget out or you’ll run out fast)

12x100yd Tulle Rolls - White COST $12.95

(use as drapery or create tulle roses, bouquets. lots of possibilities)

Have yourself wonderful White Wedding :)

For other WHITE options, follow the following link: http://www.efavormart.com/search.aspx?find=white

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


One rose won’t get you that. A bunch of them maybe. But when you have them supersized like these GIANT SILK OPEN ROSES (that can only be found at efavormart.com), then you just can’t go wrong! Your budget will also agree since 4 bunches of these GIANT Roses costs the same as a bunch of regular-sized fresh roses you find at the local retailers. In fact, they come in a variety of favorite colors such as Royal Blue, Yellow, Red, and many more.

Most of the time, these flowers bunches are purchased in large quantities for more economical weddings without sacrificing on the feel of luxury. Other times, they’re used as daily decorations for showrooms and retail shops. Some resellers even take these flowers apart to create flower balls, bouquets and a number of other beauty directions.

Come check them out at: http://www.efavormart.com/search.aspx?find=giant+open+roses

Friday, August 5, 2011

ONE-OF-A-KIND Glitter Decorations

Crafted to stand out and create that spectacular glimmering feel for your parties and celebrations. Best when used during nighttime and under soft lighting to maximize their sparkle. Comes in a variety of unique shapes and colors for all your merriment requirements.

Feel free to take these inexpensive bunches you get apart and combine them with other different glitter products of fancy shapes and matching colors. There’s nothing more fun than to play with things that sparkle! And you won’t find them anywhere else but at http://www.efavormart.com/