Friday, August 12, 2011

White Wedding Options for that Extra $20-30 in your Budget

Have you always wanted to look like a beautiful angel on your wedding day for this coming 2012 Summer? Angels wear white and are carefree, most of all, are they're happy. But is your white wedding budget putting a clip on your happy flying? Most definitely, an extra $1000 (or at the very least $100) to spend on additional decorations to make the day Perfect would be nice. Sadly, the wallet normally just pops out an extra $20 or $30 tops when you squeeze hard enough. Sounds depressing and not so white anymore?

Normally, $20-30 won’t get you far, maybe you can buy one small bouquet. But how about the 10-15 tables that seem sort of plain, or the 100-150 guest that look bored? At, we’ll be surprised at what we can do with your extra $20-$30 for a better white wedding for you and your guests.

p.s. the $6.95 shipping cost has been considered when computing the various décor options showcased below.

GOT $30 TO SPARE, check out these options that brings more to the table.

84 Silk Rose Buds - White COST $16.99

(you can’t go wrong with roses; and 84 of them at that. note: flowers come in multiple small bunches and can be combine to create a larger bunch)

60 Eastern Lily - White COST $19.99

(don’t eastern lilies just want to make you smile and feel pleasant? note: flowers come in multiple small bunches and can be combine to create a larger bunch)

40 x 100ft PVC Aisle Runner - White COST $16.99

(for a white wedding, don’t you need to walk down a white aisle? try this quick solution. don’t forget to secure to the ground)

Large Jelly Filler Balls - White COST $2.99

(buy about 7 packs of these and distribute into the centerpiece jar, vases or bowls and top with a silk flower as seen in the picture)

SURPRISE YOURSELF WITH $20, you may need to break some sweat and be creative, with the sheer volume of these options, you can DIY perfection.

6mm Pearls in 12 yrds - White COST $7.99

(arts and craft time, get a glue gun and some hooks and create some necklaces or bracelets for your bridesmaid. don’t be limited, get creative. Lots of pearls to work with)

500 Rose Petal - White COST $4.99

(get a couple of bags of these and scatter over tables or on the ground. sounds fun, but remember to budget out or you’ll run out fast)

12x100yd Tulle Rolls - White COST $12.95

(use as drapery or create tulle roses, bouquets. lots of possibilities)

Have yourself wonderful White Wedding :)

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