Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cherry Blossom Wedding With eFavorMart

Since an eFavorMart fan mentioned that she will be a having a Cherry Blossom-Themed Wedding (Yes, the rest of you fans wait your turn), I thought I would create a scrapbook Cherry Blossom Wedding using eFavorMart product pictures.

What I absolutely go gaga with the theme Cherry Blossom-flower is of course the lovely light pink color and how beautiful these special flower blooms to create an intense moment. This flower is very well-loved in the Orient, especially Japan, where it symbolizes EXTREME BEAUTY and INTENSITY! For me, I love the femininity of pink and how delicate these flowers appear and how lovely the walkway looks with their petals coloring it.


After some intense clicking, I finally found myself an inspiring outdoor picture of Cherry Blossoms trees blooming. Yes, unfortunately, we do not sell Cherry Blossom trees in eFavorMart, so customers will need to find real trees or a panoramic paintings of cherry blossom trees ;)

Anyway, first of all, since it’s cherry blossoms, theme color is DEFINITELY pink (…no buts). I’ve lined up (1) Silk Peonies over the walkway aisle since they look somewhat similar to cherry blossom flowers. As always, I would sprinkle (2) pink heart-shaped petals since would be the queen that day (and his for the rest of his life, haha) and such practice symbolizes royalty (ehem). Since I would also want my guests to take in the majestic ambiance, I would also hang (3) pink paper lanterns on the trees to make the experience more enchanting. Lastly, I would use (4) taffeta crinkle sashes on my chair covers since I just adore the luster and texture of this fabric.

I did want to add a lot more pink products onto the picture but simple is better; just like the cherry blossom. I hope this inspires people whether they’re thinking of having a Cherry Blossom wedding or just interested in Pink-ideas.