Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th of July preparation card!

So we decided on a 4th of July card for those who are going to celebrate this weekend. This card can be used for any occasion so enjoy!

Friday, June 25, 2010

New card: Vibrant love

So another card is up, come download it and give it to someone you love and let the love shine with Vibrant Love. Again, you can place a picture in the middle of it all to showcase the intimacy that you two love birds feel for one another!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here is a new card featuring a design specifically for people who have recently graduated and want to show their appreciation. Cut out that square and replace it with a picture and embrace your dad on Sunday.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Forever Love, E-card

Look, another update! This time we added another design for the series of E-cards available for free. This time, you can cut out the heart in the middle and replace it with a picture of that special someone you have in your life. A picture is proof that your love is forever.

Brushes are courtesy of Mehradesigns and gigistar.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Card collection

Check out this new card that was created today! Download for free and use it for any upcoming events if you wish. Show that special someone that you have been thinking about them. Cards can be used any time and can be used in small situations just to show that special feeling you have for someone, so feel free, download and go to your local print shop to get the best photo quality possible for this design.

Brushes used on these cards are courtesy of their owners and their amazing job to help the designer create this card.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Continue to Learn About Your Partner.

So you have been in the relationship for a few years and probably think you know your partner inside and out, but ever think that perhaps this is actually not a good thing to do at all? In fact, as years go by, your partner is always going to go through some changes in life, whether it be physical or mentally.

As time goes by, people change due to the environment that they are in and the people they meet. Everyone we meet will have an impact on our life one way or the other, so just like the news, try to keep updated with your partner. Things are always interesting when we feel like we don't know each other much, because in reality, we don't. We will not be around our partners 24/7 and we do not know exactly what is on our minds.

So keep each other updated and always look for something to learn about from them. Do they have a hobby that they like? If you do not like their hobby, at least find something from their hobby that you can enjoy. You should not have to change someone's hobby and ruin their interests, but get involved some way or the other. Ignorance is the main reason why we do not like their hobbies most of the time. The prime example is a video game. Little do people know, these things are actually like movies that you actually play or television. We sit on the tube for hours and hours, but if one plays video games and the other does not, it can become an issue. Is your partner cooking, but you do not know how? Try to learn some aspects of cooking by going into the kitchen every now and then to just spend time with them.

Hobbies are a great way to continue learning about someone and as new interests come up, find a way to experience that moment at least once or at least try to replicate it with something similar if financial funding may be scarce. There are many ways to experience thrills and excitement in a relationship.

A lot of times, being in a relationship means you have a best friend next to you. There's no reason for us to disengage ourselves from them to the point where we feel as if they do not exist anymore. It is quite painful indeed when you ask yourselves what ever happened to those good old days?

Marriage does not have to change anything at all, so do not let it change the two of you. Continue to be happy, smile and embrace the sudden changes in life and share that with the future.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Standing strong against the tide: Three quick tips for relationships and getting to the alter with the "one"

Sure, we sell the products, but somewhere along the lines, we have asked ourselves, how do we go from point A to point B? In this equation, we're talking about relationships and how can it possibly go from dating and spending the rest of your life together! This week's focus, we decided to change gears just a little bit to provide a bit of advice for those who wish to enter that next stage. Every day, we will provide three reasons for strong relationships and other days will focus on how to possibly fix situations.

1) Not using love in vain

Sure. we all get into saying "I love you" at some points, but at one point or another it becomes habitual and becomes meaningless. That is because we use the word in vain and eventually, the once strong word becomes something we are used to. A lot of times, we catch ourselves just saying it because well, perhaps we do not have anything else better to say at the moment.

So instead, make it a habit to only say it at times where it really means something. The three words we hear should always remain strong. It's a sentimental word that reminds us why we love the other person. If you are really happy and are at an amazing point of your life, say it, but not too often.

2)Money is not the key or the scape goat.

Money makes the world go round? Not always the case. You can spend all the money in the world, but knowingly an issue with males is the fact that the male race tends to do everything in life with money. Men don't believe they can live without money and everything has to be done with it. From food to girlfriends or wives, men tend to just throw the money bomb just to get rid of this not so amazing feeling.

So instead of wasting money needlessly, ask yourself, what else can you do in order to make your loved one happy again? Can a talk really help? It sure can, all that is needed is laughter or a reminder of why you two are here in the first place. In order to be happy again, you need to get to the source of the issue instead of using money as a way to ignore every problem that you have. It's a fact, you have to deal with the issue!

3)When talking things through, find the issue for both people

Instead of complaining about what the other person did wrong, admit what you did wrong. Two sides make a wrong and if there can't be an agreement in the end, it is one of the reasons why a relationship ends up breaking before every making it to the wedding phase. Communication is the key in today's blog and stubbornness can contribute to many problems.

Face it, we all know what we had done wrong, but instead of making it seem like we should admit our faults, we like to blame the other person. If they love us so much, they will take the fall right? Of course not. Instead of turning that person into a slave, be equal to one another.

Forcing someone to do anything for you is horrible, so cool off and find all sources of the issue and attempt to fix it before it becomes habitual. All three things on the list today are huge contributors to bad habits that can potentially ruin relationships by tiring someone out.

The key to the wedding day is happiness and not having to question if that person is right for you. If you love someone, both sides should be equal to one another. If the feeling feeds off of one another, that is what love really is.

We do not get tired of it, instead we should nurture it and build something special in the end.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekly suggestions? Tell us what you think!

Outfitting your event to be the best possible event ever is quite stressing from measuring the tables to color coordination. However, in the end, it all comes down to how you want your event to be and if it manages to match the taste of the person you're throwing the event for.

Now, do you think that the event will match the personality of the bride and the groom? It is nice to throw an event in a stereotypical manner, but throw in some personalization while you're at it. The music and whatnot should be about the bride and the groom's personal favorites. It's THEIR day, so what they think is what matters the most.

As a suggestion, get a list of favorite colors of the bride and the groom and if possible, match it in some way or the other, it might work out in the end in some situations. However, location might play a big part in the situation as well. If a place looks too dark, then it might be a great idea to offset the darkness with more vibrant colors to showcase the beauty of the event. Get your money's worth with the items you buy by making it into something that people can't ignore. Our products are superior, however we're sure that people would love to have items that make them feel like they made the right choice.

Back to the dark area situation. If an area is too dark, showcase everything by suggesting using a fuschia color, light blue, or a yellow tablecloth, flowers, or something that really stands out from the rest.

Again, these are just suggestions and ideas of what you can plan out for an upcoming events. Keep in mind the mindset of the person who you are throwing the event for as it is their day and try to give it their personality in one way or the other. Try to blend everything together with the environment while making it feel like it stands out and makes things feel like it is worth money.

While this is a blog, we hope to expand our customer base and have people discuss the endless possibilities of how to make the greatest event possible!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Maximizing Customer Service: Personalized Items

Want the best customer satisfaction? Well there are many ways that we can provide that and why we are one of the leading distributors in wedding favors. However, in this post are a number of things a customer can read before making their purchase. Please do not order items in haste! This week, we will focus on customer satisfaction and what can be done in order for you to have the best satisfaction possible. So here is a bit of information about personalized items, an item that can not be returned.

Personalized items:

These items are not refundable at all in shape or form, why? When we make a personalized item, they are made for the customer and are embedded with words or emblems that were requested by the customer. Once the item has been personalized, they will have whatever requested on there.

Sometimes customers will get items with typos on the names. A lot of times, it is a case where the customer may end up typing the information incorrectly. This is where things can get a bit crazy. Before finalizing any purchases, make sure each and every letter in the personalized item is correct. As these items are not returnable, it will be quite unfortunate for the customer, so be careful as possible.

So for example: Joe and Donna wish to have personalized napkins that say “Joe and Donna’s Wedding 6/4/2010,” however, Joe types in “6/3/2010” for the date. He’s really having his wedding on 6/4. The problem is, he can’t return it now, because it is now personalized for him. These items are made by hand, but also, one would have to ask how can an item like this be returned in resale fashion?

However, if the problem was internal, we can definitely negotiate with the customer which leads to the live chat. Real people are waiting to respond to your questions. Although it is a bunch of text, it is pretty much like a phone call. Due to the amount of traffic, it is more convenient for us to do it this way as we can manage the traffic a lot better. It’s much better than having to call an operator and having to wait 15 minutes just for a simple hello.

We are continuing to deliver the best satisfaction possible and we hope that this will help our goal to become the greatest company for your event needs.